Friday, September 21, 2007

More of Malini!

Thank you again Malini for letting me photograph you! I will send you a link to your gallery soon! (Part one is located here, and the newborn photos are here and here.)

I love this shot, and the bw version below, of Malini with her kitchen as the backdrop.


Shot with the lensbaby.



Even though this shot isn't as much in focus as I would have liked, I love the moment! Malini's son was so excited to be in a few of the photos...but he was moving fast! Just love the joy and laughter in his face!


Kim said...

beautiful images Holly!!!!!! Love color kitchen one.

Holly Sisson said...

Thank you Kim!

Gordon said...

I really like the low, child's eye view angle you took on the kitchen shots, particularly having her sitting down there on the floor with you.

Caroline Hosch said...

beautiful shots all around, nice work! i'm a photographer myself in my spare time.i was searching the web for some canadian photography content, when i came across your site and much to my pleasant surprise i see malini and my little buddy s. :-)
please send my regards to the whole family from caroline at O.I.S.E. ELC. they are missed! thank you, keep up the great work.
cheers, c.