Saturday, August 4, 2007

Photo Shoot: Peter, Rebecca, Emma & Michael

A fun, and quick, photo shoot in my clients backyard. Beautiful children, a pleasure to shoot them.

First up is Rebecca, aged 4 (it was her Birthday!). Look at those eyes and that beautiful hair! I'm envious! ;-)

This is Micheal, 3 1/2, younger brother to Emma. Lots of energy! But what a cutie! The girls will be chasing him in a few years! ;-)

Side profile shot of Rebecca, LOVE those curls!

Michael, drying off after playing a sprinkler...another very hot day!

Another Rebecca shot...she is just gorgeous!

Young Pete, 6, older brother to Rebecca.

Love the colour in this one, and love the background of the shot as well.


Rebecca, wet after playing in the sprinkler.


Love the wet hair in this shot.

Emma, 5 1/2, older sister to Michael, can you tell they're related? Love the blond hair and blue eyes, so beautiful.

Young Michael, up to mischief!

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